Westinghouse Universal Remote Codes For Samsung TV

You might be looking for the Westinghouse universal remote codes for Samsung tv, so here in this post, I will give you the complete list of Westinghouse codes for Samsung tv from which you can copy the codes you want to use. Using the codes below, you can program your universal remote to control various devices with a single remote even yamaha devices as well. So, without waiting anymore, let’s begin with this most informative post.

Westinghouse Universal Remote Codes For Samsung TV

Well, here you go with the working Westinghouse universal remote codes for the Samsung tv you were looking for, and we provided how to program the insignia remote for Samsung tv. You can use those steps to set up this remote if you want. It will work. The wait is over now, so let’s have a look.

  • 10178
  • 0002
  • 0178
  • 627
  • 1009

How To Program Westinghouse Remote For Samsung TV

When you have the working codes, you still have to follow some steps to use them. Because this is how you can use these given codes, for example, keyin rm-133e universal remote Samsung codes we used to program, well, don’t worry about that. Here, we will also share the complete step-by-step guide you will need to follow to use these codes.

You can program the Westinghouse remote for your Samsung TV in two methods: direct code entry and auto-code searching for another method 4 digit code for a Samsung DVD player. This article will help. I will tell you both ways how to program Westinghouse remote for Samsung TV. In this method, you must enter the compatible code to program your Samsung TV. Follow the instructions below to program the Westinghouse remote for Samsung TVs.

  1. Turn on the Samsung TV you wish to control with the Westinghouse remote.
  2. Press the “program” button on the remote until the power button LED turns on.
  3. Now select the desired device button. (TV). The LED of the power button blinks once and remains on.
  4. After this, enter the code to program the remote for Samsung TV.
  5. The LED of the power button will turn off when it receives a valid code.
  6. If you notice that the LED of the power button remains on, check the code list and enter the correct code again.
  7. Check the remote functions as expected.
  8. Finally, press the “power” key on the remote to confirm the code. If the remote responds to the remote command, the remote is ready to use and does not need further programming.

If your remote works partially or doesn’t work, you will need to reprogram your remote from step 2 and follow all the instructions mentioned in this post.

How To Program Westinghouse Remote For Samsung TV Without Code

In this method, you don’t need to enter a code on the remote. The codes in the remote memory will send to the device, and the remote will program when the device receives a compatible code.

  1. Turn on your Samsung TV (The device should not be in standby mode, and turn off other entertainment devices while you are programming the Samsung Tv.)
  2. Insert new batteries into the remote compartment and locate the remote toward the Samsung TV from an appropriate distance.
  3. Press the “Program” button until the LED of the power button illuminates.
  4. After this, press the “TV” button on the remote. The power button LED will flash once and remains on.
  5. Now press the “OK” button on the remote to send the codes. The Samsung TV will turn off when it receives the correct code.
  6. Now turn on the Samsung TV and check the functions as expected. If the Samsung TV doesn’t respond to the remote command, try to reprogram your remote from steup3.
  7. Please be patient while programming the remote in this method because it may take 10 minutes.

Note: If your device doesn’t get the correct code until you keep your finger on the “OK” button, the “power” button on the remote will blink three times when the codes are sending process completed. After this, you will need to start programming again from step 3 to send the next batch of codes to the device or follow how to set goldstone universal remote for samsung method it will work with this brand as well. These are the codes you needed, and we have also shared how to use them. Now it is your time to get into the technology and enjoy the universal control with only a single remote.

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