Samsung Soundbar 4 Digit Remote Control Codes

The universal remote is a useful tech that minimizes our headaches and gives us control over various devices. If you are searching for the exact knowledge and the correct working remote code for Samsung tv, then this place is especially for you. As of today, here on this platform, I am sharing everything about the Samsung soundbar universal remote codes, and you need to read them carefully.

Samsung Soundbar 4 Digit Remote Codes

According to your comfort level, Below I am sharing the list of the working codes. So that you can enjoy your TV shows without having any headaches, ensure that you have entered the Samsung 4-digit remote code correctly. Just have a look.

  • 0741 
  • 4064
  • 4033
  • 4065
  • 4036
  • 4047

Samsung Soundbar 5 Digit Remote Codes

  • 32609
  • 32660
  • 21014
  • 22609
  • 20045
  • 31949

With these codes, you can easily program your Samsung soundbar without any issues. If you are looking for universal remote codes for other devices, such as Samsung blu ray universal remote codes or Samsung home theater remote codes, then visit this page.

How To Program a Samsung Soundbar Universal Remote?

Universal remotes are most compatible with all types of entertainment devices. Usually, the universal remote manufacturer designs the remote based on the device model, like bose universal remote code for Samsung smart tv, etc.. and the version and lists their programming codes in the user manual. You can find the code throughout the web if you don’t have the user manual. Follow the instructions stated below to program your universal remote.

  1. Note down the code that is listed for the Samsung sound bar.
  2. Install new batteries into the remote to avoid errors during the programming.
  3. Turn on your TV and Samsung sound bar.
  4. Locate your remote towards the soundbar.
  5. Press and hold the “SETUP” key on the remote. The LED light on the universal remote blinks and stays solid.
  6. Note: The LED light is an indicator that indicates when your remote comes into learning mode.
  7. Now, enter the code you selected for the Samsung sound bar.
  8. The LED light will turn off after entering the correct code. If not, it flashes several times. Try to enter a valid code again.
  9. Finally, test your Samsung sound bar by controlling the volume. If the device responds to your remote, which means the remote is programmed successfully. If not, try to reprogram your remote with the next code.

Final Verdict

So, I request you apply this Samsung Soundbar 4- digit remote control code without wasting a second. And there is no need to search on other websites because this post contains everything about the universal codes. Do not hesitate to ask the question.

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