Why Samsung TV Remote Not Working

Sometimes we notice that our remote is not working to control our Samsung tv device, but we need help finding the actual reason behind this. Most times, the remote only works because of the low batteries inserted in the remote. So firstly you need to find out the actual cause of the Samsung tv remote not working. You need to check whether it is not working with the remote or not performing any actions, even with the direct keys available on the TV. If that works, you need to check the batteries in the remote or try replacing them batteries before giving them another try. You can also try resetting the remote control to resolve the issues. Here we have updated the remote’s main functions for Samsung TV, their causes, and how you can resolve them. 

Fix Samsung Remote Volume Not Working

Various solutions are available to resolve the volume control issue from the remote on Samsung TV. The solution to any problem depends on its cause. With that, you can decide which one works for you. Some of the different ways to resolve your volume control keys on a Samsung remote involve replacing the batteries from the remote, disabling the autorun smart hub, resetting the smart hub, or holding the “down” arrow keys and pause key simultaneously until a message displays on the Samsung TV with remote learned. Samsung TV remote not working blinking red light solution mentioned below to fix the issue.

Samsung TV Remote Sensor Not Working

If your Samsung tv remote sensor is not working after various attempts, you need to fix it using the below-given instructions. After you can try implementing how to connect Samsung smart tv to Verizon FiOS device as well, it will work:

  • Manually Turn off the Samsung TV device. 
  • Turn off the power outlet and also unplug the TV device from the outlet.
  • Tap & hold on the power key on the remote, aiming the TV for 30 seconds, and then release the key. 
  • Reconnect the power cable with the TV.
  • Turn on the power outlet and switch on the Samsung TV.
  • Test the remote control to see if that works to operate Samsung TV correctly now.

Why is My Samsung TV Not Responding to the Remote?

The most common reason for the remote not working to operate the Samsung TV device are:

  • Physical damage.
  • Pairing issues.
  • Battery issues you will get the same issue for Samsung DVD remote codes as well.
  • Infrared sensor issues on the TV or remote.

If it would not work when you try using it to operate the TV, there is a function to quickly check to perform and figure out if it’s the TV or remote’s fault. Even if it is not, you can try a Samsung tv remote replacement. With this replacement remote, you can operate multiple devices such as DVDs, VCRs, soundbars, etc.

Before using any difficult troubleshooting methods, replace the remote batteries. If still the problems persist, try the below methods:

  • Reset the Samsung television

Remote issues can often be solved by resetting the TV device. To reset, use the manual keys available behind the TV screen. Alternatively, remove the power cord connected to the TV. Wait for at least 5 minutes before reconnecting the cord. You can try any brand and even how to set up a directv remote to Samsung tv process. Then try switching on the TV using the remote.

  • Reset the remote control

If the remote batteries are weak, the remote may fail to work. You can reset the remote by removing all the batteries. Wait for some minutes before putting the batteries back in the remote. 

  • Check whether the remote is paired.

Although, when you purchase the television, if the Samsung tv not responding to the remote, then the remote comes paired. There is no issue if you can pair it again. You can check by entering the Samsung universal remote code. If you didn’t find any issue either in the TV or in the remote, then you consider diagnosing if both devices are paired correctly.

  • Use a new wi-fi module.

Samsung TV may also fail to respond because of wi-fi modules. Many wi-fi modules are attached to the IR sensor. If the connection is unstable, the IR sensor may fail to respond. 

Final words:

We hope you’ll find our Samsung tv remote not working article helpful in resolving your issues with the remote control. With this guide, you can find solutions to each problem with a Samsung tv remote. Please share your feedback and suggestions on this article via comments. 

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