What Is The Best Universal Remote For A Samsung TV

To replace your original Samsung TV remote, you can use any universal remote compatible with a Samsung TV device. An ideal replacement remote is guaranteed to work perfectly with all Samsung TV models. Most of the television models from the Samsung brand it doesn’t require any programming Samsung remote or setup. You can insert the required batteries and start using them flawlessly. Also, it offers full learning features to add more functions to your other remotes. Samsung replacement remote has access to most common keys such as Menu, HDMI ports, Smart Hub, Apps, and Guide to operating all the main features of smart device.

Top 5 Samsung TV Remote Replacements

Losing the TV remote hurts, but still, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies seamlessly without having your original TV remote. You can replace your TV remote with the best third-party replacement remotes, which work as the best Samsung soundbar remote replacement. Most universal remote works with all Samsung devices, but check the remote description for its compatibility with Samsung before purchasing it.

Here is the list of the top 5 remotes that you can use as Samsung TV replacement remotes:

1). Universal Remote Control for Samsung TV

This Samsung TV replacement remote is very lightweight and user-friendly. Also, It is comfortable to hold by hand and doesn’t need much space. This remote can be used as a replacement for most of the Samsung TV series and functions well. Some universal remotes need to program with codes to operate your Samsung device, but The main advantage of using this universal remote is it doesn’t require any programming or setup.

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  • Farther transmitting distance and performance stability.
  • No setup or programming is required.
  • Appropriate for replacing your old/damaged or lost remotes and posses all the functionalities your original Samsung remote has.
  • High-grade remote control compatible with Samsung LCD LED TV.
  • The small & compact remote size makes the control easy to grip and prevent slip.

2). One for All Samsung Replacement Remote Control

One for all is the most used replacement remote for Samsung TV series such as soundbar and blu ray. It works similarly to the original Samsung remote, and to use this remote, we no need to program it. We can directly use it. In case it asks, you can get one for all remote codes for Samsung from here. One-for-all remote also has to learn features in addition to its easy setup. It supports all common functions of the original Samsung TV remote like HDMI, Menu, Guide, and Smart Hub.

One For All Samsung Replacement

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  • This remote is compatible with all TVs, such as LED, LCD, and Plasma.
  • No Programming required- Insert the batteries and start using your Samsung replacement remote.
  • One for all replacement remote supports all common functions of the original device remote.
  • You can fully customize your replacement remote to get unlimited fun.
  • The remote size is bigger, so it helps with an excellent grip and makes it easier to find keys in low light.

3). GE Universal Remote (General Electric) ( Best As Samsung Soundbar Remote Replacement)

This universal remote can control up to three different audio/video devices like a TV, Samsung blu ray remote, VCR, DVD, Samsung soundbar remote, etc. The remote navigation button helps you with the menu and guide screens, and the digital dot button provides easy access to sub-channels like 4.2. Also, an instruction manual & code library is included with a video link to follow the online setup video. You can also get GE universal remote codes for Samsung tv from here.

GE Universal Remote Control for Samsung,

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  • Multiple device control: It can be used with up to three smart devices with audio and video components.
  • Note: This remote doesn’t work with Roku streaming fire tv sticks or other RF streaming devices.
  • GE universal remote control works with almost all major brands and supports thousands of audio/video components.
  • This remote uses radio frequency as connecting technology.
  • GE remote comes pre-programmed for Roku & Samsung TV devices.

4). RCA RCR503BE 3-Device Palm-Sized Universal Remote

RCA universal remote is very useful when you have multiple smart devices such as sound bar, DVD, and blu ray at your home and ever get disturbed with handling individual remotes for all those devices. RCA helps with this problem and operates three smart devices with a single remote. And for that, we need RCA universal remote codes for Samsung tv. The best thing is that the RCA replacement universal remote comes with 90 days warranty in case it does not work, you can get a replacement.

RCA RCR503BE 3-Device Palm-Sized Universal Remote

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  • Easy to operate keys with multi-colored keypad
  • The palm-sized remote design makes the remote comfortable to hold.
  • Operate up to three devices and consolidates major remote brands.
  • Easy to manage device setup with manual, direct code search, and automatic methods.
  • This remote Contains keys for VCR, DVD, TV, and Satellite receivers.

5). Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared All-in-One Remote

This universal Samsung TV replacement remote comes with a colored screen and one-click activity keys that simultaneously brings you your favorite content. This helps you to replace the jumble of remotes from your home entertainment. The intuitive design of this remote gives easy access to function keys and the navigation menu.

Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared All in One Remote Control

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  • Colorful & Brilliant: Display icons for your favorite channels and the commands you need for the devices.
  • Easy Setup: Connect the Harmony 650 remote to the computer. It requires an online setup.
  • Smart Color display: See your favorite channel icons and commands to operate the device.
  • One-click activity button: Choose what you want once the remote is set up.
  • Replaces 8 remotes: – This Logitech Harmony 650 remote can operate up to 8 different audio/video smart devices, so you don’t need multiple remotes to watch your favorite content.

If you want to check more Samsung remote replacements, this guide below will help you find more Samsung tv replacements.

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Final Words:

We hope you will find our Samsung TV replacement remote guide helpful. We have listed the top 5 universal remotes that are compatible to work with most smart devices. Please feel free to write us if you face any problem with the above 5 universal remotes and share your feedback about this article.

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