Xfinity Remote Codes For Samsung Smart TV

If you have an Xfinity remote, you can program it with your Samsung TV using these rm-136e steps and other audio/video devices for home entertainment. To program the remote control, you need working remote codes that work with the Xfinity remote. These remote codes are 3-digit, 5-digit, and 4-digit universal codes.

Xfinity Remote Codes For Samsung TV List

To set up your Xfinity remote with a Samsung tv, you need to manufacture a setup code compatible with your remote model based on a manual such as Samsung ak59 remote manual. So we have provided a list of all the latest universal remote codes acceptable by Xfinity voice remotes.

Brand NameRemote Codes
Xfinity Codes10060, 10812
Xfinity 4 Digit Codes0105, 0005, 0085, 0080, 0109, 0007, 0076, 0004, 0358, 0012, 0015, 0172, 0942, 0009, 0077
Xfinity Soundbar Codes

31495, 32660, 31868, 32137, 31304, 32967, 33323, 30309, 31676, 30308, 31633, 33409, 32105, 31518, 33767

How to Program Xfinity Remote For Samsung TV

You can also program Xfinity remote in auto mode, and if the auto mode doesn’t work with your remote, then you can use a how-to program coolux remote to Samsung tv. It works for the Xfinity remote.

If the direct code entry or code search by brand method doesn’t work on programming your universal remote, or if your brand is not available in the list, then you try programming using the code search by device method. 

1). Start the device you are remote programming.

2). Now tap & hold on the code search key till the light indicator remains illuminating, and then release the code search button you are holding on.

3). Click on and leave the desired device category button like Blu-ray, TV, VCR, etc. The light blinks once and then remains lit. 

4). Point out the universal remote to the device and then click on the Channel up key repeatedly (up to 300 times) until the device you are programming the remote performs the desired action. 

5). The light indicator blinks and then stays lit.

6). Now click on and release the MUTE button to install the universal code you have found.

If you follow each step then congratulations, you have successfully programmed your Xfinity remote to control your Samsung TV. With just a few simple steps, you can now easily turn your TV on and off, change channels, and adjust the volume.

Final words:

For your Xfinity remote, if you are looking for Yamaha remote code Samsung tv to program with other home entertainment devices, then you will find this article useful. Also, Write us your thoughts and suggestions about this website via comments so we can help you find better.

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