Samsung Universal Home Theater Remote Codes

Operating the Samsung home theater must include the two remotes. So, if you want to eliminate the headache of the two remotes. Then you have to apply the remote codes which basically includes the 4- digit codes. You just need to give the command with the help of the remote and the system are set to work with the single remote.

Samsung Home Theater Universal Remote Codes List

Looking for the list of the 4-digit codes for the Samsung home theater. Then here below, I am sharing the correct list without showing any error. So, lets move straight forward.

  • 4065
  • 4033
  • 4036
  • 4047
  • 4064
  • 1932

How To Program Samsung Home Theater for Universal Remote

Programming steps for the remote codes are very simple. You just need to follow the below steps with skipping anyone. So, without waiting anymore, just follow these steps.

To Program your universal remote Check out Program Universal Remote For Samsung Page.

So, its the right time to apply the remote codes for the Samsung home theater. And I can assure that you will not face any difficulty. Because, Above I have shared the correct list of the codes. But, still you have any problem then let us know.

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