Samsung TV Codes For Magnavox Universal Remote

Do you want to operate your Samsung TV with Magnavox universal remote? Now, you can program a universal remote control for your smart TV device with Magnavox remote with just a few steps. Magnavox remote brand is considered as breakthrough in technology and its flawless design is used to easily control almost all Smart TV brands.

Magnavox Universal Remote Codes For Samsung TV List

To program a universal remote the most important part is working remote codes. So here we have updated the list of universal remote codes for all remote brands that works with Samsung TV.

  • 0209
  • 0512
  • 0302
  • 0012
  • 0212
  • 0818
  • 0895
  • 0437
  • 0502
  • 0002
  • 0103
  • 0609
  • 0112
  • 0309
  • 0102
  • 0110
  • 0802

How To Program Magnavox Universal Remote For Samsung TV

Magnavox universal remote make use of remote codes to program the control for your Samsung TV. You just need to follow the universal remote programming instructions given with the particular method on the same page.

If you want to want to search for a specific code for any brand then this method is very helpful for you. With the help of these steps, you can easily search the code. So, follow them carefully-

  • In the beginning, you have to turn on your TV or VCR that has to be controlled.
  • Press and hold the button of the code search unless the red indicator gets on. After some time, you can release the button.
  • Now it’s time to press and release the desired button and you will see the red indicator gets off.
  • Well, you can press and release any numeric button from 0-9 which corresponds to the manufacturer.
  • In the last step, press the Channel Up or the Power button again and again until the device can change the channel.
  • Even you can also install the code to your device by the press and releasing the Mute button.

Final words:

We hope you have successfully programmed your Magnavox universal remote for Samsung TV with the above given programming instructions and universal remote codes. Please feel free to share us your feedback and queries so we make improvements and serve you better. Also, we update this website regularly with new universal remote codes, write us if you are missing any universal remote brand here.

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