Blackweb Remote Codes For Samsung Blu Ray Player

If you are finding for the blackweb remote codes for the Samsung blu ray player, then here you landed the ideal place. Through this post, you will get all the working universal remote codes to control various devices at your home such as air conditioner, DVD, Blu Ray etc.. So, it would be the better option to control various devices simultaneously.

Blackweb Remote Codes For Samsung Blu-Ray Player List 

Having the right list of blackweb remote codes for Samsung blu ray can make your half work easy. So, you need to scroll down the page, and below, I am sharing the complete list of the blackweb remote codes for Samsung tv, which is error-free.







How To Program Samsung Blu-Ray Player With Blackweb Remote

So, without waiting anymore, let’s begin with the complete programming method of the Samsung tv codes for the blackweb remote and without codes. This method will help you to apply these universal remote codes for a Samsung blu-ray player with the help of the remote.

You can program the Blackweb remote in two ways to connect it to the Samsung Blu-Ray device. I will share with you both methods, but you will need to choose a single approach to program your Blackweb remote.

How To Program Samsung Blu-Ray Player With Blackweb Remote Codes

You will need to enter a valid code to program the remote in this method. It is the recommended method, and most people prefer it. Also, It will take less time to program your remote.

  1. Before going to programming, Turn on your Samsung Blu-Ray device.
  2. Press and hold the “program” button until the LED light of the power button illuminates.
  3. After this, release the “program” button, but the LED of the power button should remain ON.
  4. Now press the corresponding device key, which means the “Blu-Ray” key on the remote. The “power” button blinks once and remains ON.
  5. Now your remote is ready to receive the code. Enter the code that you selected for remote programming. The “power” button’s LED will turn off if the entered code is correct. Otherwise, if the “power” button LED blinks and stays solid. Here you will need to re-enter a valid code.
  6. Finally, test your remote to control your device. The remote is ready to use if all the functions work as expected. You don’t need further setup.

If the remote is not working or working partially, you must reprogram your remote using the next code. Follow the exact instructions from step 2 to program your remote.

How To Program Samsung Blu-Ray Player With Blackweb Remote Without Code

Suppose you need help programming your remote in the direct code entry method or help to find the correct code for your remote. In that case, you can alternatively follow the Auto-code search method or use Samsung tv codes for the shaw direct remote device method.

  1. Connect all the cables correctly to the Samsung Blu-Ray device and turn it on.
  2. Press the “program” key until the “power” button’s LED light blinks.
  3. Release the “program” key when the “power” button’s LED light stays solid.
  4. Now press the “Blu-Ray” button. The “power” button’s LED will blink once and remains ON.
  5. After that, locate the remote toward the Samsung Blu-Ray and long the “OK” button until the Samsung Blu-Ray device turns off. The “power” button’s LED light will blink several times while the remote testing the codes.
  6. Release the “OK” key quickly when the Blu-Ray device turns off. The “power” button’s LED light will turn off.

After that, turn back on the device and check whether all the remote keys are working correctly. If the buttons don’t work as expected, try to reprogram your remote from step 2.

This process may take more than 10 minutes. Unfortunately, if you release the “OK” key, you must repeat the same programming steps from step 2 to reprogram your remote.

After reading this process, you now have a better option, and you must apply these universal remote codes once. So now it’s your turn to try it, and from above, you can check out the codes list. Still, if you have any queries about this Samsung sound bar replacement remote, then feel free to comment below. We will reach you as soon as we can.

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