Samsung Air Conditioner (A/C) Universal Remote Codes

Did you lose the AC remote? If you have an Air conditioner that requires remote control, it might be an issue. You can program your favorite universal remote to work with your Samsung Air Conditioner. Universal remote codes will help you to program your new remote and operate the air conditioner.

Samsung Air Conditioner Universal Remote Codes List

We have listed all the universal remote codes with their models for your Samsung air conditioner. You can choose any code from the list and program the universal remote. You can repeat the process using another remote code if a code doesn’t work to operate the device. I have added a list of 5-digit codes for Samsung tv and their models for your Samsung aircon conditioner. You can choose the key code for your universal remote program in the list. Sometimes a single code may not work for your universal remote, and then you have to choose another code in the list. Alternatively, you can see a list of codes and brand models in the booklet with your new universal remote.

  • 0188
  • 0707
  • 1015
  • 0516
  • 0518
  • 0700
  • 0196
  • 0503
  • 1726

How to Program Universal Remote For Samsung Air Conditioner

Manual Search and Auto Code search methods are two widely used remote programming methods with simple and fewer instructions. You can try any of these methods according to your remote brand for programming. Don’t if you lose your AC remote. You don’t have to use the same model and version remote for your Air conditioner. You can control your AC with universal remotes, allowing all brand versions. I will give you a list of codes and even how to program the Samsung remote to soundbar method as well, as universal remote models and their versions. You can control your air condition effortlessly without the same brand remote.

How To Program Universal Remote To Your Samsung Air Conditioner With Codes

Two remote programming methods are available: Manual code entry, like the cybertec universal remote code for Samsung we did in this post, and the Auto-code search method. You can choose a method for your universal remote. Both methods are much easy and simple to program your universal remote for the Samsung air conditioner. You can choose working codes in this post or your user manual, which contains the list of brands and their codes.

Step 1: Add new batteries to the remote to avoid power supply errors and turn on your air conditioner. 

Step 2: Locate the universal remote to the Samsung air conditioner and find the “SET” button (SETUP BUTTON).

Step 3: Press and hold the “SET” button for a few seconds until the code blinks on your remote display. After this, set up your code by pressing the “up” and “down” buttons that match your device code. 

Step 4: After entering the code, press the “OK” button on the remote to save the code. 

Step 5: Change the temperature by using the remote buttons. Your air conditioner will be responded to when the code is accepted and paired with the device. If you cannot control your air conditioner with this code, program your remote with another different code. 

Step 6: Turn off your air conditioner and remote to confirm the setup. Now your remote program has been done. You can control your air conditioner seamlessly. 

Program Your Universal Remote Without Codes

Universal remotes can be programmed with a proper code automatically when you switch to the auto-code search method same method we used in programming att remote to Samsung tv posts as. Well, you can check it out. You don’t need to enter any code manually. Just follow a few steps to program your universal remote for the Samsung air conditioner. 

Step 1: Turn on your air conditioner and ensure it is not in “STANDBY” mode.

Step 2: Locate the universal remote in the direction of your AC.

Step 3: Press and hold the “SET” button for a few seconds to enable the auto-searching process and leave the button when hearing the beep sound from the remote. Press any key to stop the further process. 

Step 4: It means that your remote has been programmed with a code that is accepted by your AC. Now Change the modes and temperature with the remote. 

Step 5: Your device is responding with an excellent program. If not, repeat the same process until you hear the beep sound of the remote. (beep sound indicates code match and pairing the device).

Can I use Universal Remote For My Samsung AC?

Yes, you can use universal remotes for your Samsung air conditioner. Universal remotes are designed to operate multiple devices like we used to do in sky remote code for Samsung tv devices. Each universal remote has a set of instructions based on the brand and model of the device. When you lose your original remote, you can take a universal remote to control your ac. There is no difference between original and universal remotes. Both can do the same work, but the universal remote makes something more than your branded remote. 

Final words:

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