Verizon Fios Remote Codes Samsung Smart TV

Having a lot of smart home entertainment devices create clutter with multiple remotes to handle every device. To avoid that you can also use your Verizon fios remote with your Samsung TV. For that you need to program the universal remote control. When you receive the Verizon fios remote it is programmed with your set top box and once your TV and Set-top box are connected you can program it with Verizon remote as well.

Verizon fios Remote Codes For Samsung TV List

Remote control may use different universal remote codes according to its model and brand to program it with TV or other devices. These codes are of 3 digit, 5 digit, and 4 digit remote codes. You need to use the codes that are compatible with your remote thats why we provided Samsung codes for Verizon Fios remote codes.

  • 331
  • 0205
  • 3127
  • 3128
  • 0729
  • 0839
  • 3004
  • 0793
  • 0057
  • 0087
  • 3005
  • 3008
  • 3022
  • 3025
  • 3026
  • 3058
  • 3094
  • 0841
  • 1087
  • 3148
  • 3156
  • 3172
  • 3205
  • 3136
  • 3137

How to Program Verizon Fios Remote For Samsung TV

Programming a verizon fios remote and pairing it with Samsung TV is quite an easy task if you required remote codes and programming instructions. Below here we have updated all the programming methods along with step by step instructions to program your remote.

To Program your universal remote Check out Program Universal Remote For Samsung Page.

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