Cybertec Universal Remote Codes For Samsung

Cybertec universal remote codes are quite easy nowadays because they minimize your headache and gives you the seamless experience of controlling all your devices. Well through this post, I will be sharing the complete list and the programming method of these universal remote codes that you can use to controlling various devices at your home.

Cybertec Universal Remote Codes For Samsung List

If you are looking for the cybertec 4-digit remote codes for samsung tv and didn’t find the best one till now. So by reading this post till the end, you will surely able to find out the remote codes for the Samsung.

  • 008
  • 001
  • 016
  • 021
  • 024
  • 025
  • 033
  • 037
  • 039
  • 040
  • 043
  • 050
  • 091
  • 113
  • 123
  • 375
  • 376
  • 412
  • 477
  • 507
  • 514
  • 520
  • 521
  • 547
  • 551
  • 564
  • 574
  • 577
  • 578
  • 582
  • 583
  • 585
  • 586
  • 596
  • 597
  • 604
  • 607
  • 621
  • 644
  • 647
  • 656
  • 657
  • 671
  • 677
  • 701
  • 803
  • 804
  • 805
  • 806
  • 807
  • 808

How To Program Cybertec Universal Remote For Samsung TV

Well, I don’t want to go into the dept of revolution of this phrase. Because I want to talk on the straight forward steps for the programming of Cybertec universal remote code. You just need to follow properly.

How To Program a Cybertec Universal Remote For Samsung TV Without Codes?

This method is basically used when brand codes does not work or your name of the brand s not listed in the list. So, this is the best option and below, I am sharing the steps that you need to follow properly.

  1. You need to turn on your device which you want to program. After that press the device key of the device Like If you want to program tv then Click “TV” TV button
  2. Now, press and hold the “Setup” setup Button until the red lights blinks 2 times.
  3. Now Again press “991” 909 button so that the red light will blink twice.
  4. As there are various keys available like keybut you need to press any one function key from these keys.
  5. If in case, you do not press any key then power key is going to be tested.
  6. After that, you need to put the remote control towards the device and need to press the cha button + or – button continuously unless you will get the select function.
  7. Just to store the code, now press to “Setup” setup button the code and hence your device is now easily programmed to operate the code.

How To Program a Cybertec Universal Remote For Samsung TV With Codes?

Another method to program the Samsung TV With Cybertec universal remote is to use the device code option. It is very simple and easy way to find your code. Just have a look at the procedure-

  1. First Switch on your device and use the suitable key just to set up your “TV” TV“VCR” etc..
  2. Now you have to continuously press and hold the “Setup” setup key until the red light which is under the device key blinks twice.
  3. If you enter the first digit of your 4-digit code from above list or 5 digit code for samsung tv, the you have to press “1” button and then count the number of times the red light blink of your device.
  4. For the instance, the light does not blink then the digit is “0”. Similarly, for the second digit, then press “2” and count the number of blinks light.
  5. So, Like that you have to do for the 3rd and 4th digit. Even you can also use these codes for the various Devices such as TV Setup, DVD Setup and VCR Setup.

At last, I believe that you liked this article because I have shared the complete list of Cybertec universal remote code for Samsung. You just need to choose any one code of 4-digit number and apply it with the help of the device remote. This will going to reduce your work of operating so many device at the same time.

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