Samsung Smart TV Remote: Button Functions

Usually, people must be aware of where the functions button is located. These buttons may include SOURCE, MUTE, RETURN, GUIDE, EXIT, and many more. Here, in this article, I describe the function of each button for the standard remote and the Samsung remote. Also, we provided universal remote codes for Samsung tv to program these remotes to operate multiple devices using a single remote.

Samsung TV Remote: Button Functions

The Samsung TV Remote is a versatile device that allows you to easily control your Samsung television. It features a variety of buttons that allow you to access different functions, including power, volume, channel, and input control. In this article, we’ll explore the different button functions available on the Samsung TV Remote and remote samsung home theater programming you can find here.

  1. The most important button of the standard remote control is the power button. It mainly turns the ON and OFF the TV.
  2. Source: These things will help you see, and you can also select the available video sources.
  3. If you want to change the channels, then you can use the number button and change the channels.
  4. TTX/MIX is the button that automatically selects the Teletext ON, Double, Mix, or OFF button.
  5. Most of the users want to return to the previous channel then you can use the PRE-CH button from the remote.
  6. -VOL+ is the button where you can adjust the volume of the Samsung TV. You can also use the MUTE option, which turns the sound ON/OFF.
  7. If you want to see the list of available channels, press the CH LIST button.
  8. For sports lovers, here in this standard remote, there is the option to turn ON or OFF the Sports Mode.
  9. The Electronic Program Guide gives the complete guide even for program Samsung remote bn59 codes (EPG). In the EXTRA button, you will get information about the current program.
  10. INFO: The INFO button displays the information about the content.
  11. Without the ENTER button, you cannot run any item you select. You can also move your cursor and choose the menu on the screen.
  12. EXIT is the button where you can exit from the menu.
  13. A, B, C, D: According to the direction of the screen TV, you can use the A, B, C, and D buttons. So, in every remote, you will get the settings option. From that, you have to select the quick setting.
  14. AD/SUBT shows the shortcuts, and REC records the things that you are watching. You can also stop the playing content with the help of the button.

Samsung Smart TV Remote: Button Functions

  1. Power: this is the button you can turn ON/ OFF your Samsung TV.
  2. Voice: recognition is the button where you can give the command. When you press this button, then the voice interaction appears.
  3. 123: are the button for the number pad where you can enter the PIN of the channels and even enter the ZIP codes so the channel can change.
  4. 4 Colour Button: If you want to access the various options, you can use the 4-color button.
  5. Directional Pad: This button can move the focus and even change the value on the TV’s menu.
  6. Select: is the button where you run the focused item. Once you press this button, you will get detailed information about the program.
  7. It is a relatively small task to return to the previous menu (Example you can see here). Because there is the option of returning to the remote, so, while you are watching the program then, you can go to the previous channel.
  8. To control the content playing, you can use the Play/ Pause button. However, the Smart Hub button returns to the home screen.
  9. Now you can adjust the volume of your Samsung TV with the help of the -VOL+ button.
  10. CH (channel) is the button where you can change the channels upward or downward you will see same option in goldstone universal remote codes for samsung.

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