Samsung TV Codes For GE Universal Remote

If you want to manage your devices with the help of the single remote. Then you reach at the perfect destination. As you just need to enter the samsung remote codes from your remote. Although it is not easy to program your device but here, below you will get the list of the GE universal remote codes for Samsung tv and the proper procedure also. So get relax and read this post till the end.

GE Universal Remote Codes For Samsung TV List

Well, here I am sharing the list of the working GE codes of the Samsung TV so that you can easily program your device with the single remote only. So, without waiting anyone lets begins.

  • 0105
  • 0942
  • 0077
  • 0007
  • 0009
  • 0085
  • 0015
  • 0080
  • 0172
  • 0076
  • 0109
  • 0358
  • 0012
  • 0004
  • 0005
  • 0104
  • 0106

How To Program A GE Universal Remote To A Samsung TV

  1. In the very first step, you have to “Turn On The Device” which you have to apply the codes.
  2. After that, press and hold the button of the “SETUP” Or “Code Search” with the help of the remote. You have to press the button until the light of the indicator is ON.
  3. Now, for the device, you have to press and release the button that you want to program. In case of AUX, press the “AUX button” from the device which is assigning to the AUX.
  4. Although you will see the indicator light will blink and remain lit for sometimes. As above, I have shared the list of the codes, just pick one code.
  5. After selecting any one code then apply 4-digit remote code with the help of the number button of the remote. Once the code is entered, you will see the indicator light “Turn OFF”.
  6. In the last step, aim the remote at the Samsung TV and need to press the button of the “POWER”. Now you will see that your device “Turn OFF”.

Well, now I have believe that you will not face any kind of the problem while programming the remote codes in case if you facing any problem then read how to program universal remote for samsung tv it can clear all your doubts. Because, above I have shared all the information regarding the GE universal remote codes for samsung TV. Please do not hesitate to leave the question in the comment section.

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