Samsung TV Codes For Vivitar Universal Remote

Samsung is one of the most popular TV brands with remote control. But if, in any case, you misplace your Samsung TV remote or spoil it, you can set up a universal remote control for your TV even for panasonic also . To program a Vivitar universal remote, you need correct universal remote codes and programming methods.

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Samsung TV List

Vivitar remote codes are 4-digit and 3-digit codes that you need select according to your remote brand, like keyin rm-136e universal remote codes for Samsung, etc. A list of all the universal remote codes is given here with their remote brands.

Code TypeVivitar Remote Remote Codes
Samsung 3 digit 258, 050, 228, 229, 363, 333, 515, 655, 070, 165, 137, 159, 275, 380, 016, 653
Samsung 4 digit 1834, 1738, 3031, 3847, 3475, 1938, 0053, 5199

How To Program A Vivitar Universal Remote To A Samsung TV

Vivitar universal remote can be set up easily with programming instructions carefully because we set up many devices using the method below in the Samsung soundbar Xfinity remote code. You can select any remote programming method like keycode or automatic search method which can be found in one for all samsung code post and set up the remote control.

This method is one of the best ways to control your Samsung tv and other devices. So, if you want to follow this direct code entry method, then you need to follow the process which is given below carefully

  1. First, you need to press and hold the code “Search” button until the light in red stays ON. Once you see the red light, you release the code search button.
  2. Now, press and release the mode button of the TV or VCR. You will see the red indicator blinks and remains ON.
  3. It’s time to enter the 4-digit code that you have to select from the code list. Make sure that if you enter the right code, the red indicator gets off when it flashes.
  4. When your device is on then, you have to press Channel Up. If the device responds, there is no need to do more programming.

Thank you for following along with our guide on program your Vivitar universal remote to your Samsung TV. We hope that this has been helpful and that you are now able to easily control your TV, Home Theatre with your universal remote. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out for further assistance.


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