Bell Remote Codes For Samsung Smart TV

Many devices frequently lead to many remotes but you can remove this clutter with your Bell remote. You can program your Bell remote to control your Samsung TV as well as set top box. Our guide will help you to program your remote and troubleshoot the issues with pairing remote to TV.

Bell Remote codes For Samsung TV List

Below on this page we have listed down universal remote codes of 3 digit, 4 digit, and 5 digit codes that work well with all remote brands to pair with Samsung TV like we provided how to program vivitar universal remote samsung tv steps.

  • 0020
  • 516
  • 523
  • 612
  • 652
  • 526
  • 505
  • 506
  • 566
  • 573
  • 653
  • 654
  • 627
  • 647
  • 658
  • 655
  • 656
  • 659
  • 730
  • 738
  • 670
  • 679
  • 664
  • 669
  • 680
  • 704
  • 665
  • 667
  • 717

How to Program Bell Remote For Samsung TV

To program a Bell remote the two most used programming methods are manually entering the device code and auto search you can fine that method in dish network 4 digit remote codes samsung post. You can choose any of these as per your remote compatibility.

If all other methods like direct code entry or code search (by brand) methods doesn’t work or your device doesn’t respond or if the brand is not listed then you need to do the device search of code library to get the code. Here are the steps:

  1. Turn on the device manually like TV, DVD, VCR etc. that you wish to program.
  2. Tap and hold the code search button until the led light remains lit then release the tab.
  3. Click and release the device mode (TV,VCR etc.). the led indicator once blinks then remain on.
  4. Press repeatedly the channel up & down keys (up to 300 times) until the device changes the channel. The led indicator blinks and then remains on. 
  5. Click on and release the MUTE to install the remote code.

Many users prefer to store the VCR code under VCR tab, cable codes under Cable key etc. but if you wants to store a VCR code to cable then first you need to follow the direct code method and click on the Cable in the second step of programming, then enter any VCR code in 3rd step. Then follow the above given process for complete search or brand search it can work for samsung tv code for rogers remote also check if you want.


Please write us how you feel about this Bell remote code article and let us know if you have suggestions coolux remote samsung tv setup to improve our website. We continuously update our website with the latest universal remote codes and also accept new codes via the comment section.

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