Spectrum Remote Codes For Samsung TV

Do you want to use your favorite Spectrum remote with Samsung TV? Every remote has a user manual and instructions to program it with TV and other smart devices. Spectrum remote will try to detect your TV brand automatically and go through programming the control the same as programming the uverse remote to the Samsung tv brand. If the remote doesn’t detect the brand automatically, you can manually set up the remote control.

Spectrum Remote Codes For Samsung TV List

Spectrum remote will accept 5-digit or 3-digit universal codes while programming the remote control, even vivitar universal remote codes for Samsung. Below is a list of Spectrum remote codes for all the TV brands.


Spectrum Remote Codes For Samsung Blu-Ray List


Spectrum Remote Codes For Samsung DVD List


How to Program Spectrum Remote For Samsung TV

To program a spectrum remote, this is the best method in case you need another method, i.e., program a directv remote to Samsung tv. Manual, Quick setup, and Auto search. You can choose any of these methods and follow the programming instructions below.

This method enables you to find a code for a specific brand within the manufacturer’s code library. 

1). Switch on the device (TV, DVD, etc.) that you wish to control.

2). Click and hold the “code search” until the led indicator remains on, then release the code search key. 

3). Tap & release the device category (TV, Blu-ray, SAT/CBL) button. The led indicator blinks only once.

4). Click on and release the numeric keys (0-9) corresponding to the device manufacturer. 

Note: tap on the “0” key will perform a full search on the library, the same as the code search method on the device library.

5). Click on the power button or channel up button or play key (if you are programming a VCR) repeatedly until the device you want to operate perform the desired action, like changing the channel or switching on or off the device.

6). Now tap and release the MUTE to install the code.

Note:  when all the codes for a brand have been searched, the led indicator flashes for 3 seconds rapidly.

Spectrum Remote URC1160 Not Working With Cable Box

To fix any issues with changing channels on your Spectrum Receiver (cable box), try these steps: First, make sure the batteries in your remote are not dead. Next, ensure that your cable box is turned on. If you have buttons on your receiver, try using those to change channels. If your receiver is blocked by any objects or furniture, remove them. You may also need to reposition your receiver to make sure it can detect your remote. Make sure you’re using the correct remote for this receiver if you have multiple remotes. Finally, you can try rebooting your receiver by unplugging it and waiting at least 60 seconds before plugging it back in.

How Do I Reset My Spectrum Guide Remote

If you have a Spectrum Guide Remote, the process for resetting it depends on the model you own. Fortunately, all of them are relatively easy to reset.

  1. Unplug your Spectrum receiver from the power outlet for one minute. Then plug it back in.
  2. Check to make sure all cables are connected strongly. This includes the cable that goes into the wall outlet and the one that plugs into the TV (if you have one).
  3. It may take a few minutes to turn the cable box on. If it is stuck in the L-3 mode, it may be because too much is happening at once.

Final Words:

We have updated all the latest working spectrum remote codes on this page and Samsung blu ray remote codes on this page so you can program the remote control for your Samsung TV easily. Please let us know if you have any queries or feedback or want us to update one for all codes then here you go for the information for codes.

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