Samsung TV Codes For Philips Universal Remote

Program a universal remote to control all your video and audio devices using Philips universal remote codes. Also, you can access your Samsung TV, SAT box, and other smart devices using a single Philips universal remote. Suppose your Philips remote has a code search feature. In that case, it helps you to program the remote controls in just a few steps, like keyin universal remote codes for Samsung we did there without any hassle and manually keying the remote codes.

Philips Universal Remote Codes For Samsung TV List

Here are the latest Philips universal remote codes to use with your Samsung TV device and program the remote. These codes work with all universal remote brands, even Samsung tv codes for bell remotes, and if your remote accepts 4-digit or 5-digit remote codes.























Philips Universal Remote Codes For Samsung Blu-Ray Player

These codes you can use for setup your blu ray player by follow below mentioned programming method or an alternate method provided in westinghouse tv codes samsung post.

0330 0430 0036 0136 0738 0439 0939 0247 0230 0830

Philips Universal Remote Codes for Samsung DVD Player

0441 0442 0943 0177 0599 0799 0699 0247 0447 0598

How To Program A Philips Universal Remote To A Samsung TV

After finding a perfect universal remote code for your Philips remote for Samsung TV, follow the step-by-step instructions on this page and the Samsung tv codes for the shaw remote given here.

  1. In the first step, you have to “Turn On The Device,” in which you must apply the codes.
  2. After that, press and hold the button “SETUP”  Or “Code Search” with the help of the remote. You have to press the button until the indicator’s light is ON.
  3. Now, for the device, you must press and release the button you want to program. In the case of AUX, press the “AUX button” from the device assigned to the AUX.
  4. The indicator light will blink and remain lit for some time. As above, I have shared the list of the code above. Pick one code.
  5. After selecting any one code, apply the 4-digit remote code with the help of the number button of the remote. Once the code is entered, you will see the indicator light “Turn OFF.”
  6. In the last step, aim the remote at the Samsung TV and need to press the button “POWER.” Now you will see that your device “Turn OFF.”

Final Words: 

We hope you find this article helpful in programming your Philips universal remote to work with your Samsung smart TV device. All the remote programming methods that work with your Xfinity remote codes for Samsung tv are posted on this page. You can choose any method at your convenience and program the universal remote.

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